Long Beach, CA, is Culture-Rich City with Great Museums

Long Beach is a great destination for art and culture lovers. The city has some of the best museums in California, where you can see and learn a lot. Here are the best-rated museums in Long Beach, CA. Learn information about Long Beach, CA.

Long Beach Museum of Art

This museum is located on the north end of Bluff Park. It features early 20th-century European art, American decorative pieces of art, and regional art from top-rated artists. Most art pieces are permanent on display, while others are rotating works from national, regional, and international artists. You can have lunch at Claire’s at The Museum while watching the ocean. This museum is open all day except on Monday. Note Fridays are free. Discover facts about Long Beach, CA, Bubbles with Beautiful Parks.

Museum of Latin American Art 

This museum is located in the East Village District downtown. It is dedicated to conserving and displaying Latin American arts. It features rotating artworks of top artists. The museum has attendants and guides who will help you understand different artworks. The Museum of Latin American Art also features an outdoor sculpture garden with contemporary art.