Long Beach Museum of Art in California – A Wonderful Place to Enjoy

The Long Beach Museum of Art in California is a wonderful place to enjoy being with friends and family. The museum is housed in an old train station that once served as a major railroad crossing in Los Angeles. There are two main pavilions with an area for free viewing along with gallery exhibits. The Long Beach Museum has two permanent exhibition halls and an additional smaller-sized permanent gallery called the Waiting Room. Both exhibit areas have beautiful art collections. Further facts about Long Beach, CA can be found here.


The Long Beach Museum of Art in California has a large permanent collection of decorative arts, ceramics, photography, prints, illustrations, and jewelry. The largest portion of the museum consists of dedicated walls or offices devoted to the promotion of contemporary art in California. The second-largest section features collections of rare and antique paintings, printmaking, pottery, metalwork, photography, multimedia, and glassware. Another important component of the museum is its celebrated sculpture garden, which was created by renowned landscaper Paul Rusch. The gardens feature botanical specimens, flowering plants, seasonal gardens, and desert landscapes. This garden has been carefully tended and provides a beautiful contrast of textures and colors throughout the various sections of the museum. Information about The Wonders of the Golden Shore Marine Biological Reserve in Long Beach, CA can be found here. 

In addition to the Long Beach Museum of Art in California, there are several other local museums and galleries which contain a variety of decorative arts and crafts. These include the Long Beach Museum of Art in Pacifica, which has a fine collection of paintings, photography, and decorative arts; the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Pedro, which features contemporary art and culture; and the Huntington Library in Los Angeles, which has an extensive collection of books, periodicals, and other resources on contemporary art.