The Famous Giant Globe in Long Beach, California

The Giant Globe in Long Beach, California, is a unique building that was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright during the 1920s. Frank Lloyd Wright designed a lot of buildings during his career as an architect, but none was as interesting as this building. Many people do not realize that Frank Lloyd Wright designed the Coast Guard building, the Lincoln hotel, and the Grand Canyon. All of these buildings have stood the test of time and are some of the most beautiful structures around. More about Long Beach, CA can be seen here.


The Giant Globe in Long Beach, California, is a recreation facility, which is located along the pier along the boardwalk in the Pacific Ocean and was designed with an open concept where the Giant Globe in Long Beach could be enjoyed by everyone both by the guests and the performers. The Giant Globe in Long Beach was built as a temporary stage and is a result of the idea of having a Giant Globe in a location that could be used for entertainment, along with also allowing people to watch a live performance by one of the renowned stars of the world. Click here to read about El Dorado Nature Center in Long Beach, CA – An Awesome Place for a Getaway.

Due to the popularity of the Giant Globe in Long Beach, CA, many tourist attractions in the area were also constructed along with the same spot. Amongst these tourist attractions is the Giant Swing, which allows the visitors to swing on a giant wooden swing in the water which is accompanied by the music being played in the background, the Giant Swing at Belmont Park, the Water Park located in Pacific Ocean Drive at Ocean Beach and many more. Amongst these tourist attractions, there is also the Giant Swing at El Cajon, which allows the guests to enjoy the view of the bay as well as enjoy their own Giant Globe in Long Beach while being entertained by the live entertainment. A great deal of research goes into providing enjoyment to the visitors along with providing them information on Long Beach’s tourist attractions and other interesting information regarding the area.