Best Things to do in Long Beach

Long Beach is known for the sandy beaches and waves to ride. There are museums for art enthusiasts, amusement parks, and snippets of culture and history around every corner. There are many excursions and day trips from the area. Learn more here.

The Queen Mary

This is one of the famous tourist attractions in Long Beach. It’s a retired British cruise ship that operated many voyages throughout the 1900s. Once recognized for its classy atmosphere and celebs like Winston Churchill, The Queen Mary is now frequented by tourists looking to learn more about the ship’s history. Learn more about Exciting Things to Do in Long Beach.

Pacific Island Ethic Art Museum

While the Pacific Island Ethic Art Museum might be small, it provides a rich history about the Pacific people. It’s the only art museum in the US mainly focused on displaying the different cultures of Oceania. You’ll come across revolving and permanent exhibits featuring different pacific artists.

Aquarium of the Pacific

This is one of the largest aquariums in Long Beach that features over 100 exhibits. The most famous include penguin habitats and sea otters. There is an outdoor shark lagoon displaying over 150 sharks.