Long Beach, CA, Bubbles with Beautiful Parks

Long Beach, California, is one of the best destinations in the United States, with plenty of green space. You can utilize the space to relax, have fun, and bond with your family. Here are the top-rated parks in Long Beach, CA. Learn more here.

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

The park is located at the California State University Long Beach Campus. This beautifully landscaped park is 1.3 acres of the garden featuring a koi pond, decorative bridges, and beautiful plant species. You can utilize the space to host special occasions. Learn more about Long Beach, CA, is Home to Beautiful Beaches.

Bluff Park

This 13-acre scenic park is located between the Pacific Ocean and Ocean Avenue. It features beautiful green grass and palm trees. You will see the Lone Sailor Memorials statue, which commemorates the naval history of Long Beach.

El Dorado Regional Park 

This is one of the largest natural parks near the city, providing a perfect place to escape the noise. Enjoy fishing, biking, and other activities that can help you relax. You must pay a small admission fee to drive into the park, but the rates are high during weekends.