Long Beach, California – More Than Just a Vacation Spot

Long Beach, California, is located on the coast of Southern California and has a total population of about three hundred thousand. Long Beach boasts some of California’s best natural beaches, including two magnificent low-lying coastal beaches that each offer exceptional views and surf for surfers of all skill levels and ages. California’s second-largest city, Los Angeles, is also located here, and Long Beach attracts many artists and musicians who travel to California to perform and display their art during events like the Sundance Film Festival and Glastonbury Music Festival. For those who enjoy shopping, Long Beach offers a wide variety of local and designer boutiques, as well as large numbers of specialty stores. There are also some fantastic art galleries in the area, so if you are interested in photography or art, you will undoubtedly want to check out some of Long Beach’s local shops. More about Long Beach, CA can be seen here.


Long Beach has always been a hot spot for tourists, and over the years, it has also gained a reputation as a party town. The area is well-known for its nightclub culture, and there are plenty of famous dance clubs in the area to choose from. Long Beach also offers some excellent public transportation, including a rail system along the Pacific Coast Highway that runs through the city and connects the downtown area with the rest of Southern California. Long Beach has a ferry that runs between Los Angeles and San Diego and a commuter rail that runs through the city, connecting it to the rest of the state. Click here to read about Hawaiian Gardens, California – Land of Giants.

Long Beach, California, is well worth visiting, whether you are just visiting for the weekend or a more extended stay. There are plenty of accommodations available, from hotels, motels, cabins, homes, and apartments, to vacation rentals. Long Beach is a fun place to go to and is well worth a day or two spent checking out the various attractions, shops, and clubs on the Sunset Strip and in the downtown area. You’ll never forget your time in Long Beach, and you will always be able to return to the relaxed, creative atmosphere that has made it one of California’s best-kept secrets.