Seal Beach, California – A Beauty To See

Seal Beach is a small coastal town in Orange County, California, between Laguna Beach and Corona Del Mar. Because Seal Beach is so small, it has naturally become a trendy tourist destination, drawing visitors from all over the world. There are many beautiful attractions on Seal Beach, including the Seal Beach Golf Course, Seaport Village, the Seaport Village Shopping Center, Seaport Village B& B, the Seal Beach pier, and the Seal Beach State Park. More can be found here.


Seal Beach has played host to many celebrities over the years, including surfers like John King, Mark Appleyard, Richard Nixon, Dan Ayala, John Lennon, Yusef Islam, and Richard Burton. Seal Beach has also hosted some major surfing tournaments, including the Seal Beach Pro Tournament, Surf Festivals, the Seal Beach Hi-Winds event, and the Seal Beach Surf Festival. Although Seal Beach has seen its fair share of violent surfers, the city has attempted to create a less violent environment by placing numerous safety measures. Among these measures are installing nine hundred lifeguards, installing a twenty-four-hour security guard service, banning Surfing below the waterline, and making the use of lifesaving diving equipment mandatory. Learn more about Rossmoor, California – A Relaxing and Beautiful Retreat.

If you would like to visit Seal Beach, California, but can’t find a hotel or apartment that will accommodate your group, there are plenty of hotels in Seal Beach close to the water. The Hotel Seal Beach Resort & Spa has four different hotels, including one that is right on the water! The Seal Beach Resort has two oceanfront pools, one of which features wave runners, which helps to create a more natural feel than the other oceanfront pool. For those who prefer to stay on land, the Hotel Pacific Village is close to many restaurants and shopping in the area but is far enough away to avoid annoying surfers.