The Beautiful Earl Burns Japanese Garden in Long Beach, California

The Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden in Long Beach is a beautiful Japanese garden encompassing nearly one thousand two hundred and fifty feet of land. It was established in 1981 by Earl Burns, who came to the United States from England where he had been studying Japanese garden design. He had spent much of his time in Japan, learning about the creation of the garden style, and was particularly impressed with how Japanese gardens were designed and built, and thus began the search for a site in which to build his garden. Eventually, he found it in an area near the Pacific Ocean, near downtown Long Beach. Learn information about Long Beach, CA here.


Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden in Long Beach, California, is a natural garden surrounded by lush landscaping. The garden was established in 1981 by Earl Burns, who studied horticulture in Japan. Earl Burns Miller passed his knowledge of Japanese horticulture to his son Michael, and now, this garden is enjoyed by many people around the world. Earl’s design was such that it would have been difficult to imagine a garden without a pond or koi pond. The landscaping of this garden was done in a rounded shape rather than the traditional linear design of Japanese gardens, due to its placement on the beach campus. Within its boundaries are three small public parks and a wide assortment of garden features. Besides the garden, there are many other features such as a children’s pond and a fire bowl, as well as a large variety of statues and fountains. The gardens are extremely beautiful due to the abundance of foliage, flowers, and trees that can be found within its bounds. Discover facts about Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA – Experience The World-class Facility.

The Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden in Long Beach, California, is a small Japanese garden located on campus at California State University, Long Beach. It is known for being the second-largest Japanese garden on the West Coast after the Ogasawara Japanese Garden in California. This beautiful Japanese garden is located in a location that enjoys some of the best views of Long Beach. From the location, you can look out to the Pacific Ocean or the Biscayne Bay, as well as across the Los Angeles River. Due to the large amount of foliage and the natural beauty, this garden is one that truly deserves the name “Jurassic Park” because of the amazing landscaping done by Earl Burns.