The Wonderful and Peaceful Place of West Carson, California

West Carson, California, is located about twelve miles east of Los Angeles and about sixty miles from the San Diego-Tijuana International Airport. This small community is a popular destination for tourists who fly to or from the Westwood Boulevard/San Diego-La Jolla area. It is a beautiful community with a small-town feel, offering a wide variety of activities for residents and visitors to choose from. See more here.


West Carson has been a favorite tourist destination for many years. There are over three hundred local businesses within a one-mile radius of West Carson. There are five hotels within the area, including five of the top bed and breakfasts in Los Angeles County, two significant resorts in California, and one full-service restaurant. In addition to the bed and breakfast hotels, several other businesses in West Carson offer lodging, transportation, and tours of the area. There are an entire golf course, a country club, and a business association with a museum. West Carson has four schools that are considered top-notch and a medical office that serves one of the townsfolk but offers little to no child care. West Carson, California, has a small airport, and a single plane provides charter services to this airport and other local businesses. The surrounding area is primarily rural, and it has about twelve schools in the surrounding area. There is a major general store located in West Carson, California. It is also the leading provider for many items in Carson City and elsewhere in the Los Angeles county area. It is easy to get all of your goods shipped to your home or business when choosing to do business with the West Carson stores and businesses. It is also easy to find your nearest attraction, as it is only about a three-hour drive north of Los Angeles. See here for information about The Unique Community of Signal Hill, California.

West Carson, California, is a very peaceful place to live. It does have a small police department, but it is nothing compared to the large police departments in Los Angeles or Torrance. The only burglaries that were ever solved in West Carson were related to vehicles and house fires. There is a very high crime rate in the area, but it is well below the national average.